You are about to embark on a program of weight control, both for your health and appearance.TV and Radio are full of advertisements for weight loss form products that claim you can lose weight by merely taking a pill or pills to products that claim that using certain cream will help you lose weight! Contrary to such claims obesity is a chronic health problem. Often it can only be controlled by treating the underlying glandular or chemical imbalance (if such a problem exists) and by changing eating habits.

You will have to work hard to be successful at losing weight. We work with medically sound and proven techniques to assist you in your weight loss effort. Our program is effort related, the more effort you apply the better your weight loss.

1. There is no magic bullet for weight loss.
2. Obesity is a chronic life threatening condition.
3. Losing weight and keeping it off is a life long journey.

You cannot achieve a permanent weight loss/weight control without a permanent lifestyle change!! It takes practice. It is hard work. No Quick fix. In our program we work with you individually to find a workable solution for your weight problem.